BIOGETA® Home Harmonizer

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HOME HARMONIZER for House Harmonisation.

Compensates EMF loads and geopathic stresszones.

Creates an harmonious vibrational field in the entire house.

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The ultimate protection against electromagnetic radiation, wireless radiation, and geopathic stress!

Unlike other systems that only balance electromagnetic and wireless radiation, the HOME HARMONIZER from BIOGETA offers a holistic approach to protect against all types of radiation. Its unique strength lies in effectively neutralizing geopathic stress, which is often overlooked or underestimated.

Geopathic stress can arise from Earth’s radiation, water veins, or grid lines, and has been shown to have negative effects on our well-being. It can cause sleep disturbances, headaches, concentration problems, and even serious illnesses.

The HOME HARMONIZER from BIOGETA uses cutting-edge technology to effectively balance geopathic stress in the entire house. This not only improves our well-being and sleep but also enhances our quality of life.

Of course, the HOME HARMONIZER from BIOGETA also protects against electromagnetic and wireless radiation, including Wi-Fi, mobile phones, and other radiation sources. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

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Size L – up to 250 sqm, Size M – up to 150 sqm, Size XL – up to 400 sqm, Size XXL – up to 600 sqm (XL + L), Size XXXL – up to 800 sqm (XL + XL)


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