BIOGETA® Bio-Waver

380,00 AED

Clear water veins, faults and crossing grid points locally and selectively.

The energy booster for the workplace, at seminars, under the bed, in the car or at school. Or in the home use to energize water, juices, fruits and vegetables or baby food. Real 29.000 Bovis!

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The BIOGETA® Bio-Waver builds up a highly vibrating right rotatory field and is suitable both as a stand-alone harmonizer of a sleeping area or a horse stall, for the selective amplification of an BIOGETA® Home Harmonizer Module, or as an energy booster for the workplace, at seminars, during negotiations, during sports, under the bed, in the car or at school … as well as for home use to energize water, juices, fruits and vegetables or baby food.


Do you know Olaf the snowman?

Olaf is the living snowman from the Disney movie “Frozen”.

So that Olaf does not melt even in the summer, the ice queen has conjured him a little cloud from which it snows continuously, and which is always above Olaf. He carries his own weather around with him, so to speak.

Our organic wafers work in a similar way.

If you have a Bio-Waver in your pocket, you provide a permanently high energy field – no matter where you are. Be it in your own bed, in a hotel, at work, in the car, at seminars, at sports, at school or kindergarten …

A Bio-Waver provides your personal little helpful health cloud, and not only protects you and your children from earth rays, such as water veins, fault lines or intersections of the curry grid, but above all ensures that you are permanently supplied with more energy!

This happens through the high Bovis value of 29,000 Bovis, with a magnetic pulsation force of over 95%.

The Bovis value is comparable to the lens of a photographic apparatus. High value = high energy. The magnetic pulsation force, on the other hand, describes the earth counterforce. It is the force that makes e.g. a dandelion seedling grow through asphalt. Through a high pulsation force, a high Bovis value becomes only pleasant and balancing.

In the middle of the last century, Wilhelm Reich already achieved unbelievable therapeutic successes in his research for a wide variety of serious illnesses simply by offering his patients a highly vibrating energy field, thereby promoting their self-healing powers.

He used his orgone generators for this purpose. But basically it is similar, if I generate more life energy by an orgone generator, or if I enlarge the single-beam lens for life energy by a Bio-Waver.


Where does the energy on the Bio-Waver come from?

The energy provided by a Bio-Waver is natural cosmic-terrestrial energy. A natural frequency spectrum is stored on the Bio-Waver, which occurs exactly like this in nature.

Due to the oscillation properties of the crystal (the Bio-Waver is made of silicon), this spectrum is distributed in a radius of up to 5m in space, so that the corresponding field is built up again and again.

It is the spectrum of a place of power occurring in nature, where three specific dextrorotatory geological phenomena meet. This constellation is very rare in nature, if not unique.

When you stand on this place, you literally feel how you are energetically refueled and feel very well and balanced at the same time.


Clear water veins, faults and crossing grid points locally and selectively.

Why can the field of the Bio-Waver balance earth rays?

To everything in this world there is also a complementary, i.e. a counterpart with inverted properties. If for example a left-turning and a right-turning water vein cross each other, these zones on the crossing points balance each other to a large extent – of course depending on the strength of the respective vein.

It is not uncommon for someone to sleep on such a crossing and have no stress at all, because the damaging field of the left-turning vein is balanced by the right-turning vein, both in polarities and in charge. The same is true of a curry grid crosspoint and a positive Hartmann grid crosspoint. Again, the frequency is the same, but the polarity is inverted.

And it is precisely on the basis of this that the Bio-Wavers work to balance earth radiation. In addition to the pleasant and health-promoting effect, the increased energy supply, left-rotatory – and thus for us harmful fields – are balanced by the right-rotatory vibration of the Bio-Waver.



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