BIOGETA® Balance Chip 3er Set

490,00 AED

Compensates for EMF stress caused by domestic electricity and high-frequency electrosmog (e.g. mobile telephony/WiFi/Bluetooth/Babyphones/DECT).

3-piece economy set for multiple devices

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How does the BIOGETA® Balance Chip affect the body?

Through the BIOGETA® Balance Chip, the body is protected in the frequency values of the pulse-modulated high-frequency radiation and balanced in the corresponding polarities.

As a bioresonance therapist, unfortunately, one finds today with almost every city dweller the frequency values of the GSM, LTE, 5G and DECT networks disturbed. In other words, in the said regulatory frequency spectra of the body, a strong depolarization in the area of minus polarity is measurable.

This brings the body strongly out of balance, makes it more susceptible to autoimmune diseases and favors, among other things, cell changes. In children, the blood-brain barrier opens and toxins can penetrate into the brain. In addition, melatonin production is disturbed, which in turn can lead to hormonal disorders and even infertility, resulting in childlessness.

Numerous tests with the predecessor model, the BIOGETA® Phone Chips, have shown that already after a few weeks after installation of a BIOGETA® Phone Chip, the said frequency values were balanced in all test persons, although a strong stress could be measured before.

This test can be carried out by any of the approx. 50,000 bioresonance therapists or by therapists working in a similar holistic way. The Cologne alternative practitioner, building biologist and bioresonance therapist Klaus-Peter Zeyen has tested the chip and wrote the following lines:

“… I have the new cell phone stickers on my Fairphone and the impression that it is the best on the ear, which I had tested so far!” (Klaus-Peter Zeyen – alternative practitioner, bioresonance therapist, building biologist)


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