The Core Principle Of Biohacking

In a healthy house lives a healthy body - in a healthy body lives a healthy mind!

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Building Biology helps you sleep betterbe healthierfeel betterlook youngerbe more focusedget more done !

Building Biology can undoubtedly be called the core principle of biohacking, because if our living environment – especially the sleeping environment – is not in order, we continuously weaken our body, our mind, our health and our overall performance. No matter what else we do to feel good!

Sebastian Krueger | Building Biologist

What Is Building Biology exactly?

Building Biology is a holistic approach to creating healthy and sustainable living environments. It recognizes that buildings have a significant impact on human health and well-being, and it aims to minimize negative impacts and promote positive ones. Building Biology principles address the following areas:

  1. Indoor air quality: We spend the majority of our time indoors, and the air we breathe can have a significant impact on our health. This is particularly important in the United Arab Emirates, where almost everyone uses air conditioning to cope with the hot and humid climate. As a result, duct systems in buildings need to be clean and free of dust and mold to ensure good indoor air quality. Building Biology promotes the use of natural and non-toxic materials, proper ventilation, and air purification systems to maintain high indoor air quality.

  2. Water quality: Water is essential to our health, and Building Biology recognizes the importance of clean and safe water. While tap water in the United Arab Emirates is generally safe to drink, it can contain chemicals, chlorine, and other pollutants. To address this, Building Biology promotes the use of water filtration and treatment systems to remove pollutants and ensure high-quality drinking water. Furthermore, some water filtration systems can also restructure or revitalize tap water, providing additional benefits such as improved hydration, better taste, and increased mineral absorption.

  3. Electromagnetic radiation: Our modern world is filled with electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and other electronic devices. Building Biology aims to reduce exposure to these potentially harmful emissions through design and shielding techniques.

  4. Building materials: Building materials can impact indoor air quality and have environmental consequences. Building Biology promotes the use of sustainable and non-toxic materials, such as natural wood, stone, and wool insulation.

  5. Mold: Mold can grow in buildings with excess moisture or poor ventilation, and it can cause a range of health problems such as respiratory issues, allergies, and headaches. Building Biology emphasizes the importance of preventing and addressing mold growth in buildings through proper ventilation, moisture control, and the use of mold-resistant materials.

  6. Geopathic stress: Building Biology recognizes that the earth's natural radiation patterns, such as underground streams, faults, and mineral deposits, can impact human health. It promotes the use of building practices and materials that reduce exposure to geopathic stress and promote healthy living environments.

At our website, you'll find articles, resources, and tips to help you create a healthier and more sustainable home throughout the United Arab Emirates. Whether you're building a new home or renovating an existing one, Building Biology principles can help you create a home that supports your health and well-being.

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy and sustainable home. Join us in our mission to promote Building Biology principles and create healthier, happier homes for all.

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Why is Building Biology in Dubai so important?

Especially in cities like Dubai, the issue of building biology is extremely important when it comes to sustainable health.

In the communities as well as in the Towers we measure countless WiFi networks, there are transmission towers at every corner and also the geopathic stress is omnipresent.

Most people just don’t know about it!

And i didn´t even talk about the very often quite disgusting AC Duct systems with all sorts of bacterias, mold, dust, and fungi … ahhh and did i mention your watertank?


Building Biology makes the invisible visible

and provides for a healthy living space in the own four walls in which incoming loads by EMF radiation, earth rays, mold, and pollutants are measured, minimized, shielded or balanced.

In addition to the countless WiFi networks from all the houses and apartments, both the communities and all the towers are equipped with powerful mobile phone transmitters. What makes us happy on the one hand, because we have fast internet everywhere, but on the other hand causes stress in our body.

In order to use the advantages of the everywhere available internet without having to accept the disadvantages, for example canopies or curtains made of shielding fabrics provide (LINK). Likewise, the load in the body can be balanced with biofield shaping devices.

Article about benefits of water filter compare to plastic bottles …

Read the series of articles about the health effects of electrosmog and mobile radio on our body (LINK).

Just like everywhere else in the world, we also have geopathic stress zones in Dubai that have negative effects on our sleep and on our health. They can be found everywhere, and due to the high frequency of this radiation, they pass through all materials unhindered and still have an effect even on the highest floors of the towers.

In nature you can see the effects very well, because even most trees suffer from geopathic stress zones and try to avoid them while growing, as you can see well in this picture.