Do you know this?

Do you often have trouble falling asleep, have confused dreams, wake up several times a night or have to go to the toilet frequently during the night? Do you feel exhausted in the morning, tense, achy and tired and lack energy throughout the day?

Do you or your children often have health problems, allergies and intolerances and neither doctors nor alternative practitioners can find a solution? Are you suffering from an autoimmune disease, cancer or another chronic illness for which the cause is unknown?

Do your children roll over in bed, often wake up screaming and are usually difficult to calm down? Do they wet the bed, have behavioral problems and are you no stranger to diagnoses such as ADHD or ADD?

Or are you desperate because the long-awaited desire to have children just won’t work out, even though everything is organically fine?

On the other hand, there are people who wake up fresh and rested every morning and are bursting with energy during the day. Happy families in which even the small children sleep through the night and only see the pediatrician for check-ups.

People who are hardly ever ill and have above-average vitality, and who seem to be unaffected by everyday stress and the winter colds.

People who stay fit and healthy well into old age …

Wouldn’t you like to be one of these people?

You’ve probably already thought a lot about what could be the reason for your poor sleep, your health problems or your resistance to therapy, and every doctor has probably told you something different, or even diagnosed you with a poor immune system, a congenital genetic defect or simply a mental health problem.

But perhaps someone has already given you the good tip that you may be sleeping on a water vein or have electrosmog exposure. After all, you have landed on this page for some reason.

Earth radiation, electrosmog and microwave pollution from mobile phones, smart meters, WLAN and cordless phones cause vegetative stress, drain energy and demonstrably weaken the body.

The consequences are often poor sleep, fatigue and, as a result, illness.

Because every type of illness is basically based on stress and a lack of energy!

The first step in treating an illness should therefore always be to create a healthy sleeping environment! Free from harmful earth radiation, microwaves and electrosmog.

Paracelsus already recognized this in the 16th century:

“The surest way to ruin health is a sick bed”

and at that time there was neither domestic electricity nor WiFi, and certainly no radar, satellite radio, LTE or 5G.

Why should you harmonize your house / apartment?

Are you ill yourself, constantly tired and tired and unable to get any real rest at night? Do you have small children, have you recently bought or built a house or are you planning an addition? Then you should definitely think seriously about investing in your family’s health. It really makes a big difference whether your children sleep without disturbance or are permanently stressed.

It is beyond words to meet a child who jumps around healthy and fit as a fiddle, can eat and drink anything, and has no complaints whatsoever, even though the pediatrician had diagnosed a genetic immunodeficiency just three months earlier, with the devastating prognosis for the parents of becoming sickly and susceptible to infections for the rest of their lives, as well as maintaining an intolerance to pretty much all foods.

But even today, after more than three years, the little one is still perfectly healthy, has neither allergies nor intolerances and is developing magnificently. And all this just by changing her sleeping place and compensating for harmful radiation! (see case report “Little Myra“)

If you manage to get 20% more vitality in just five different places, your overall vitality will double! Just think about it …

By eliminating a burden and balancing and activating the body’s own regulatory capacity, your self-healing powers can reactivate and many complaints often disappear on their own or become noticeably less after a while.

You regain more energy, strengthen your immune system and become healthier and more vital again. Your sleep will become restful again and you will quickly feel more energetic and better. Children are generally more relaxed, and susceptibility to infections, intolerances, bedwetting and sleep disorders often improve considerably.

Take a short test!

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Do you yourself have health problems or an unfulfilled desire to have children and would like to know directly whether a sleeping area disturbed by electrosmog or earth radiation could be one of the reasons for this?

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Do You Reallyslide blue line


Sleep well?

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My name is Sebastian Krüger, I am a certified building biologist, geopathologist and dowser, as well as a licensed alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and certified bioresonance therapist (PSA). For many years, I have traveled throughout the German-speaking world, examining houses and apartments for exposure to electrosmog and earth radiation.

To detect and find water veins and earth rays in the sleeping area, I use a state-of-the-art bioresonance device in which all physical frequency values of water veins, faults and the grid networks are stored. This means that a misdiagnosis, as is sometimes the case with classic dowsing tests, is virtually impossible and the measurement can be reconstructed at any time or repeated by another building biologist with the same results and thus verified.

In far more than 1200 sleeping place analyses that I have carried out myself, I have not come across a single case in which a serious illness occurred but the sleeping place was not contaminated. In every single case without exception, there has been exposure to water veins, faults, intersections of grid systems such as the Curry grid, the Hartmann grid or the Benker cube grid (in the case of the latter, standing on the lines is also a problem), and usually also multiple interference from electrosmog or radio (WLAN, mobile telephony, DECT, Bluetooth, etc.).

Is it possible to avoid earth radiation?

During my training as a dowser and master dowser many years ago, I learned that you cannot shield earth rays, you can only avoid them. And so I went out into the houses full of enthusiasm, but soon had to come to the sobering realization that this is not possible in most cases. Especially not if there are several people living in the house.

You might be able to move a bed into an undisturbed area, but rarely all the beds, and certainly not all the rest and work areas. So I often had to advise my customers to look for another house. That was really very unsatisfactory! Both for my customers and for me …

So I went in search of a solution and studied the subject of geopathy – i.e. physical disturbances and stress caused by earth radiation – intensively, read many books on the subject, measured and tested a lot and “experimented” with various shielding and balancing products, and came to the following conclusions:

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family from water veins, earth radiation, radio waves and electrosmog?

Your wish is for you and your children to be well, for everyone to sleep restfully and stay healthy – or become healthy again – and to be protected from water veins, earth radiation and the ever-increasing forced radiation from mobile phones, 5G, smart meters and the like in the future – without having to go back to the Stone Age yourself or move to the sticks.

In order to achieve holistic, sustainable harmonization, the frequency values disturbed in the body by the aforementioned technical stresses must be balanced on the one hand, and on the other – and this is a very important point – geopathic interference zones, i.e. earth radiation, must be balanced in such a way that the fields no longer draw energy from the body and do not stress it.

Based on this approach and several years of research, the

BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer

have been developed.

Developed from building biology and for building biology – tested again and again in everyday practice and constantly improved – a large number of these devices have been successfully in use for several years and have already helped many people to sleep better and improve their health. A BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer balances out the effects of electrosmog, radio and earth radiation and promotes the body’s self-healing powers.

One module for the entire apartment or house!

This is a module that creates a harmonious oscillation field in the entire house or apartment and measurably balances out geopathic interference zones. (Take a look at our customer testimonials).

With a BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer, for example, a water vein is balanced in such a way that energy is no longer withdrawn from the person in these zones and he (or she) is no longer weakened as a result. The vegetative nervous system does not become stressed so easily and the parasympathetic nervous system, which is so important for health, is stimulated. This helps the body to heal itself.

Home harmonization with HOME Harmonizer

Home irradiation without HOME Harmonizer


A BIOGETA® HOME module helps you and your family to sleep better, get healthy or stay that way. It provides good “shock absorbers” so that everyday stresses can be balanced out by your body and overloading does not occur in the first place.

It effectively and measurably balances out geopathic interference zones as well as electrosmog, WLAN, DECT, Bluetooth and mobile phone pollution throughout the house and promotes restful sleep, better health and more energy. The effectiveness can be proven by any alternative practitioner or certified building biologist using various measurement methods.

A BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer is very easy to install yourself and works via the electrical circuit in the entire house or apartment. It consumes no electricity and generates no electrosmog, but merely uses the 50Hz of the power grid as a transport frequency – similar to how a radio transmitter uses a certain frequency (e.g. 107MHz) to transport an information signal, which we then receive as a transmitter.

And in contrast to systems that virtually “reprogram” the organism, a BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer creates a free space and does not have a direct effect on the person.


How exactly does the HOME Harmonizer work?

The way the HOME Harmonizer works can be easily explained using the example of a gemstone:

Anyone who has ever taken a closer look at gemstones knows that each stone has a specific vibration pattern. Therapists who are trained in this can successfully treat illnesses with stones by balancing disharmonious structures.

The silicon core of the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer is made of silicon and is comparable to a gemstone, but is charged with a specially compiled information package from BIOGETA®. This information package has been developed over many years in countless tests and has been tested again and again in real everyday practice and constantly refined.

The silicon at its core vibrates this information package onto a cable that is connected to the power supply in the house/apartment. As a result, the balancing information from the core is distributed throughout the house and is therefore available everywhere and balances out all the loads in the house or apartment.

Find out more about the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer in this short video. How it works and how it can help you to sleep better and stay healthy – or get healthy again:

An investment in your health!

As part of a house or apartment harmonization, I have always installed a harmonizing module to effectively balance out the stresses and geopathic disturbances that cannot be switched off or shielded. This is how I achieve the best results – because no matter how well you shield and switch off your own consumers, there is always a residual load that you cannot get rid of. For example, the neighbor’s WLAN, the transmitter mast around the corner or the omnipresent satellite radio. On top of this, there is exposure to geopathic interference zones – i.e. earth radiation – which cannot be shielded with any material in the world, but can only be compensated for

I usually use a BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizer for this purpose. (Unless completely shielded cables have been laid in the house. In such rare cases, an alternative solution from BIOGETA is used)

We now receive a lot of inquiries about on-site harmonization every day, which we can hardly cope with in terms of personnel and time. That’s why we started sending out the BIOGETA® HOME Harmonizers, which always form the basis of our on-site harmonization, some time ago.

In conjunction with advice on the correct installation of the HOME Harmonizers and improving their effectiveness by switching off unnecessary technical consumers and, if necessary, shielding them from directly incident external radio radiation, we usually have very good results, so that an on-site analysis is no longer necessary in many cases. This saves you money and us time 🙂

To this end, I have written a special guide in which I provide you with valuable insider building biology knowledge based on practical experience on how you can detect, minimize or shield out electrosmog yourself without having to call in a building biologist.

The guide is based on my “homework handout”, which I used to give my clients after a building biology examination, and contains 20 tips on how you can minimize electrosmog and radio pollution yourself, and thus not only create an important basis for sustainable health for you and your loved ones, but also improve the effect of the HOME Harmonizer – to compensate for residual pollution and earth radiation.