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The BIOGETA® DETOX plate erases the toxic vibration from food, drinks, children’s toys, plastic cutlery, and much more.

In addition, the DETOX plate can be used to energetically cleanse, reset and return to the original vibrational state gemstones, jewelry and silicon or gemstone-based interference suppression products, as well as to delete energetic foreign attachments.

Very good for “maintaining” and cleaning our Bio-Wafer and BALANCE pendants!

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Detoxify, balance, erase, magnetize

One panel – many applications:

  • Detoxification of food (fruit, vegetables), drinks and children’s toys
  • Extinguishing of plus-pole radiation (harmful to us) from materials, substances and objects.
  • Refueling, resetting and cleaning rock crystals, schungites, jewelry and other gemstones.
  • Restoration of magnetic pulsation force after impacts and shocks
  • Restore the natural order of all substances
  • Extinguishing foreign energies on balance trailers and bio-wafers
  • Restoring the basic structure of schungites or tourmaline (especially in case of E-smog influences)
  • Natural re-magnetization of objects, materials and substances

What exactly does the BIOGETA® DETOX detoxification plate do?

The BIOGETA® DETOX plate erases the toxic vibration from food, drinks, children’s toys, plastic cutlery, etc. through the “side effect” of a quantum-physical active principle called “Casimir Effect”.

Named after physicist Hendrik Casimir, the DETOX plate’s structural design creates a zero-point field with a strong negative-pole radiation at the surface. These negative quanta generate negative ions and provide a natural re-magnetization and detoxification of everything placed on the plate.

In addition, the DETOX plate can be used to energetically cleanse, reset and return to the original vibrational state gemstones, jewelry and silicon or gemstone-based interference suppression products, as well as to delete energetic foreign attachments.

How to use the DETOX Detoxification Plate?

To detoxify food, drinks or toys (basically all plastic items), simply place them on the plate for about 60 seconds.

In time, all toxic vibrations and attachments are erased and the natural order is restored in organic structures, such as food or stones.

As you can see on the schematic diagram of the working principle of the DETOX plate, it is important that the plate lies horizontally – and that the lower side of the plate has no contact with the upper plate, nor with anything below it. Ideally, the plate should stand freely on the kitchen sideboard, so that all purchases can be detoxified on it.


Case study rock crystal:

A rock crystal has a vibration property that is quite unique and typical for it – when it is pure.

That is, when it is magnetically balanced.

Due to degradation – mostly in the form of strong vibration from blasting – the stay in areas of positive radiation (e.g. near a WLAN router) or due to energetic charging of the wearer, the magnetic pulsation force decreases over time. The vibration of the stone thus becomes slower and it is increasingly perceived as “restless”.

In esoteric articles, one then reads that one must shower it under cold water to “recharge” it. What actually happens under a water shower, however, is that it comes into contact with negative ions that are created by the atomizing water – and it thereby regains part of its magnetic pulsation force.

By placing it on the DETOX plate for about 60 seconds, you reset the stone and give it back its original vibration by balancing its magnetic pulsation force. This is done by the strong minus-pole radiation on the surface and the resulting negative ions. In addition, the re-structuring deletes adhesions and detoxifies the stone grossly and subtly.

You will immediately feel that the stone suddenly feels calmer and more pleasant, and it gives you energy that you can now absorb.


Do you already own a BIOGETA® Bio-Wafer, a BALANCE Pendant or various Schungite or Tourmaline products to balance technical radiation?

Similar to the rock crystal example, basically every stone and silicon-based structure is capable of absorbing information and storing it. In addition, we live in a time in which we are consistently exposed to pulsed radiation. This is mainly caused by the increasing number of high frequency transmitters (LTE, 5G, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.). This results in an increasing positive ionization of our living space – which in turn also has an impact on gemstones and silicon carriers.

A strong positive ionization leads to a decrease of the magnetic pulsation force. And this in turn is elementarily important for every oscillating body in order to radiate its information as completely as possible and, above all, in a bioavailable way.

With a BIOGETA® DETOX plate you can energetically clean our BIOGETA® products, delete potential adhesions and restore the magnetic pulsation power – meaning you can “maintain” them independently – as well as disrupt and energetically clean any gemstone or piece of jewelry that does not feel “pleasant”.


Why detoxify food?

Besides the grossly detectable “impurities” of food in the form of pesticides during cultivation, additives to extend shelf life or preservation methods such as spraying apples with wax, our food is exposed to a whole range of toxins that may not be grossly detectable but are very well detectable in fine matter and have a harmful effect on our health.

The very act of wrapping a tomato in plastic film or transporting it in a plastic bag ensures that some of the toxic vibrations of the plastic are absorbed by the tomato. Likewise the effects of acid rain, the raining down of pollution by geoengineering (e.g. chemtrails) – but also the effects of synthetic artificial light during indoor cultivation give off hostile information that we later eat.

If you give your toddler a plastic bottle, or a pacifier, you can be sure that toxic vibrations are emitted there, because there are basically no stable plastics. Only slower diffusing ones, which thus comply with the grossly measurable limits.

However, if you go and test the whole thing subtly with the help of radiesthesia and corresponding measurement charts – or kinesiologically – you will see how many toxins we actually eat and drink every day.


With the help of the DETOX plate, these subtle toxic vibrations can be deleted.

As with all BIOGETA® products, we also grant a return policy of 3 months on the DETOX plate. This means you have all the time in the world to test the plate and take no financial risk.


Why does the DETOX plate “only” delete the information that is harmful to us?

As Masuro Emoto has impressively proven with his water experiments, negative words and thoughts also influence the crystalline structure of water.

This can be proven photographically.

And this is exactly how so-called “energetic attachments” to stones, jewelry or even to our harmonization products such as a bio-wafer or a balance pendant can be explained in a purely unesoteric way from our point of view.

The structure of a stone is disturbed so that it vibrates disharmoniously. Through the DETOX plate, a harmonic structure is created again, so that all harmonic information is preserved, but disharmonic is “reset”.

Important Notice:

Even though the use of the plate is very simple and self-explanatory, each DETOX plate comes with detailed instructions. In addition, you can find explanatory videos about it in our video blog.


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