Home Assessment "Radiation"

The “Radiation” home assessment involves measuring and evaluating the technical exposure to high frequencies – for example caused by mobile phones or WiFi networks – as well as exposure to low frequencies caused by the domestic power grid using professional measuring devices.

In addition, all bedrooms and workspaces are checked for the presence of geopathic stress zones. The measurements are carried out using a resonance test at frequency level with a bioresonance device – as well as bioenergetically by means of a radiesthetic test, which determines the quality of the interference zone.

Subsequently, sleeping and working areas are relocated – if possible – to interference-free areas and / or a harmonization module is installed to balance out the residual stress.

Furthermore, advice is given on possible shielding with fabrics, curtains, canopies or colors.

At a glance:

  • General advice
  • Assessment of the technical fields
  • Measurement of geoapathic stress zones
  • Optimization of sleeping and working areas
  • Installation of equalization module
  • Advice on shielding


2500,- AED for an Appartement / Villa with up to 4 Bedrooms

500,- AED for each extra room 

Harmonization modules and shielding materials are not included in the price and are charged separately depending on the size of the object and the corresponding requirements.