Why do earth rays draw energy – or donate some?

Yes, the answer is quite simple and can be found in the field of bioenergetics. And it has nothing to do with the fact that there are bad and good zones or something like that, but a universal law takes effect, which is applied in many different areas.

And namely that of the balance!

Quite simply expressed this law means for us:

“A higher vibrating field always tries to balance a lower vibrating field.”

Here’s an example:

If you’ve had a stressful day at work, there’s been an argument with your partner or your kids – so you’re generally low on energy, and then you go for a walk in a forest or in nature, you usually feel better afterwards, right?

Of course, the fresh air also contributes with a healthy negative ionization, but primarily you are refueling in fields that vibrate higher than you do. e.g. trees.

A healthy tree vibrates with often far more than 10,000 Bovis bioenergetically much higher than a human being, whose Bovis values – if he is healthy – can be between 6500 with older people – and up to 9,000 Bovis with small children. In sick or stressed people the Bovis value is usually below 5000, sometimes even below 3000…

Now, if you come into the field of a healthy tree after a stressful day or night on a disturbance zone, the law of balance takes effect and you receive energy from the tree.

This is the reason why there are people who embrace trees … even if you are often smiled at by mostly ignorant ignoramuses.

As mentioned before, there is a simple rule that reads:

A higher vibrating field always tries to balance or lift a lower vibrating field.

In the example given before, the tree is the higher vibrating field – and you are the lower vibrating field.

Now another situation:

You lay or stand with your healthy 7000 Bovis – to take an average value – on a field that vibrates only with about 3000 Bovis. E.g. a left-turning water vein or a fault line.

In this case you are the higher vibrating field and your body tries to compensate the energetic deficit. Because the law of balance takes effect again.

In this case you lose precious life energy, because in contrast to the tree we as humans are mostly not cosmically connected. If you were completely in the being – quasi enlightened, you would not balance the field with your own energy, but it would flow through you. Just like with the tree. But who can already claim this of himself …

What happens in reality – I would say with more than 80% of all people – is that we lose precious life energy night after night, because we sleep on low vibrating zones.

Unfortunately, we don’t learn in school how our body works and how we can feel for ourselves which fields are good for us and which are not.

A dog would never voluntarily lie down on a left-turning disturbance zone for a longer time – unless he needs it for a short time to discharge or to ground himself. Because also here the sentence “The dose makes the poison”, which also comes from Paracelsus, is valid.

What is Bioenergetics?

The concept of bioenergetics explains why we lose energy in everyday life and during sleep and how we get new energy. The subject of bioenergetics is classified by some ignorant people as esoteric. But in fact it is exactly the opposite, i.e. exoteric – coming from the outside. 

Bioenergetics explains the energetic interaction between us humans and stimuli of our environment coming from outside. This can be geopathic disturbance zones, other forms of radiation, food, water or contact with plants, animals or people.


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